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About us

'Seven'-The brainchild of Rahul Ganju and Sakhil Girdhar, 'Seven' is an amalgamation of the classic menswear with a strong futuristic outlook. The label itself is constantly pushing the boundaries of menswear with their surface techniques, impeccable bespoke and design infusion. 'Seven' tries to commemorate the craft of traditional tailoring through the bespoke process while providing their clients luxury with a unique and unequal service and design. The bespoke process is a transformational experience, where each suit is hand cut and sewn according to the high quality standards. Finely detailed, minimal and suave the label caters to the intelligent fashion.


Our Design.

Inspiration never escapes us, our design is an amalgamation of the old and the new, it’s a fusion of different techniques mixed with various silhouettes keeping in mind the purpose of it all.

What we do?

 Started in 2014 with the vision to design and manufacture designer clothing for men from Shirts to Sherwani to footwear, if it is to do with men we do it.

Where we do?

 We have two retail stores in South Delhi( Lado Sarai-Mehrauli). With the brand has ventured into the online space in menswear retail both in ethnic and western.

How we do it?

 All under one roof from designing and conceptualizing ideas techniques silhouettes. To executing everything in our manufacturing facility in the corner of south Delhi lado sarai.